CEO2 has you make successful decisions as the CEO of chemical, solar, insurance and automotive companies  while reducing CO2 emissions.


Play CEO2

CEO2 is a climate change business management game that lets you take on the role of CEO and see if you can successfully run a company while reducing CO2 emissions.

Your goal is to maximize profit, significantly cut CO2 emissions and develop low carbon products by 2030. You get to experience being the leader of 4 different businesses:

As leader of an automotive business you could develop hybrid, “flex fuel”, all-electric and hydrogen cars and improve efficiency of products.

As the leader of a chemical industry you may choose to lobby against emission caps, engage in an electric battery recycling campaign and a green marketing campaign, use green electricity, develop super-efficient insulation, etc.

As CEO of an insurance company you may lobby for strong climate policy, provide incentives for solar power, etc.

As leader of a utility company, you may want to retrofit existing plants, build wind farms and solar plants, expand electricity storage, begin smart metering, build nuclear power plants, build efficient new coal plants, extend the grid.

CEO2 gives you an opportunity to practice your leadership, decision-making and problem-solving skills from behind your desk in your own office as CEO.

Planet Protectors

Planet Protectors have the mission challenge of reducing the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere by keeping the Earth’s temperature in check.


Play Planet Protectors

Players have the mission challenge of reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. As you play Planet Protectors, you get to view the Earth and its atmosphere from space. Your challenge is to not let the Earth’s temperature warm up from its average of 15 degrees.

In your role as a “CO2 Fighter” you learn what can be done to reduce the amount of CO2 put into the air. Correct answers give you “green” lights, wrong answers result in “red” lights, and cause accumulated green light dots to disappear.

Learn about the greenhouse effect and its impact on all lifeforms on Earth in your Mission Briefing.

Clim Way

Clim Way is a climate change game with highly detailed energy categories.


Play the Climate Change Game

When it comes to climate change, Clim’Way is a climate change game that has it all! You will have several objectives in this climate change game. Your main goals will be to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 75 percent, reduce energy by 40 percent, and increase the production of renewable energy by 60 percent between 2008 and 2058. Every year you will be allocated points that will help you reach these goals. Use Public Authority Points (PA), Enterprise Points (EP), and Citizens Points (PC) in order to carry out actions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions at every turn.

This climate change game is extremely detailed and very difficult to play. You will have hundreds of separate choices at every single turn throughout the climate change game. Knowing where to start will be difficult. In the Building Section, you got the categories; Individual Housing, Supermarkets, School, University, Offices, Hospital, Station, Airport, Hotels, and Stadium. In the Energy Production section, you got the categories; Thermal Power Station, Wind Turbines, Hydroelectric Dam, Solar Power Station, Marine Energies, Geothermal Fault, and Nuclear Energy. In the Agriculture section, you got the categories; Agricultural Machinery, Greenhouses, Animal Breeding Buildings, Fields and Vines, Forestry, Biofuel Production Unit, and Manure Heap. In the SIN section, there is the Fishing category. In the Tourism and Free Time section, there is the coastal campsite and ski resort categories. In the Transports section, you got the categories; Cars, Pedestrian/Bicycle, Bus, Tram, Train, Aeroplane, Cargo, Lorry, Delivery Van, and Transports Hub. In the Industries section, you got the Industrial Estate category. In the Waste section, you got the categories; Recycling Center, Council Tip, and Incinerator. Finally, in the Others section, you got the Town Hall category.

The climate change game is extremely detailed because each category has many subcategories as well. You will have a finite amount of points during every turn. Use strategies to select the sequence in which you will initiate certain events and upgrades. Selecting random events and upgrades won’t help you win this game. With hundreds of choices throughout the climate change game, players will receive a detailed description of each choice. They will get to receive a list of both advantages and disadvantages for each choice. An extremely detailed statistics window will allow players to monitor their progress throughout this climate change game.

BBC Climate Challenge

BBC Climate Challenge is an online environmental game that focuses on policy and sustainable development over a 110 year period.


Play BBC Climate Challenge

BBC Climate Challenge challenges you to make decisions to tackle global climate change for the millennium 2000-2100 choosing polices to try to persuade other international climate change representatives to reduce their carbon emissions during an international Roundtable on climate change attended by delegates from: North America, South America, Europe, North Asia, South Asia and Pacific.

The game has many different stages in order to advance. You must choose a character to represent you in global climate change negotiations. The majority of the game focuses on the challenges of the ‘policy screen’, whereby you choose policies for the nation that balance the need to lower CO2 emissions, while at the same time, you have the responsibility for maintaining vital resources.

Policy choice selections are: low-intensity farming, organic farming, building regulations, introduction of CO2 taxes, biogas from landfills (capturing methane gas), subsidizing hybrid vehicles, introducing carbon trading schemes, promoting domestic wind turbines, building wind farms and promoting personal energy efficiency initiatives.

Players are faced with policy choice challenges such as: whether or not to invoke policy to invest billions to build bigger defence mechanisms to counteract floods in low lying vulnerable countries; building water treatment plants; installing solar panels; discouraging air travel; increasing emissions trading; switching from coal to gas.

You get to set polices for different aspects of government focusing on national, imports and exports, industry, local and household. This on-line environmental has you challenging policies for different category aspects of government: National, Imports and Exports, Industry, Local and Household. Click the relevant building icon to see the policies that you select. Resources available include: money; food; power; water which are evaluated by means of ‘red’ and ‘green’ effectiveness gauges.

‘Tutorials’ show how each policy will affect your choices. If you do not want a specific policy, click the icon again to remove it. Click the ‘Send Foreign Aid’ card (which launches a pro-active foreign aid program to help developing countries), and watch the ‘resource’ bar move accordingly.

You are given a ‘moral charge’: wealthy developed nations must remember to help those less fortunate, which is evaluated by a ‘green’/positive icon; whereas, cynical attitudes, portrayed by the attitude: Why bother to assist less-fortunate developing countries when a large proportion of aid is skimmed off by greedy government officials or bureaucrats?, depicted by a ‘red’/negative icon.

Starting in 2040, you get to fund a space program for future development. Four stages in the program lead up to the colonization of the moon and going to Mars. It is very expensive and has an environmental burden; however, as the program continues political support significantly increases. At the end of the game you will get evaluated by three percentage scores: environment, wealth, and popularity.

Enjoy this exciting, challenging, educational game while at the same time developing your decision-making and negotiation skills.

Eco Mission

Eco Mission is a game that focuses on players trying to get to a concert while trying to minimize their environmental impact.


Play Eco Mission

There’s a concert in 60 hours, and you have to get to it on time. Choose from 4 vehicles: the gas guzzler, eco van, hybrid, and speedster.You don’t exactly know where you’re going, but you’ve got a map. Use the map as a guide, and watch your gas. You will periodically make stops to both fill up and inflate tires. On the way, pick up passengers to be able to carpool. This will help you a great deal towards lowering your footprint, and the global health bar will go up. Watch your fuel gauge. When you get low, fill up immediately. When you get tired, go to a hotel, or campground, and get some sleep.

When you get to the concert, you can help the environment by picking up garbage. Recycle some paper, earn 1 point, recycle some guitar strings to earn 3 points, and recycle some batteries to earn 5 points. Get 25 points, and go backstage and you win.