Profit Seed

Profit Seed has players take on the role of farmer trying to plant heirloom organic seeds while preventing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) from growing.


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Profit Seed has players take on the role of a farmer while exploring the issues surrounding genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and the patenting of agricultural seeds.

Players use the computer mouse to manipulate the wind direction and gust force trying to plant preferred traditional heirloom seeds while preventing GMO seeds from blowing into the farmer’s plots.

If it turns out that enough GMO seeds land in a field and cultivate, the lawyer from an agribusiness corporation will come to sue the farmer and take the land. You will be trying to plant non-GMO heirloom wheat, corn, oats and soy seeds. If GMO seeds take root you use the shovel to dig them up before they mature into plants.

Players learn information about the world’s largest GMO manufacturer, Monsanto Corporation. Players will learn about the significance of genetic drift from rogue GMO seeds reaching heirloom organic seed planted fields.

Farming Simulator

Farming Simulator has you play a farmer growing crops and raising livestock while running seeders, balers, combines, tractors, thrashers and cultivators.


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Players take on the role of farmer with the challenge of managing and growing your own farm while experiencing it grow to a major enterprise. Players will prepare fields for planting, sow seeds of 4 different varieties, cultivate crops, harvest and sell crops and reinvest funds back into the farm. You will also engage in animal husbandry raising cattle, sheep and chickens. Players will have the opportunity to complete a variety of missions.

Players will try to harvest as much as they can by increasing the number of fields. This will require using numerous types of machinery. You will experience controlling farming vehicles and machinery. You will have a vast selection of over 100 vehicles and tools from over 20 licensed brands at your disposal. It will be a challenge to choose the right machine and tool for the task.

Farming Machinery – You will get to run machinery such as: seeders, balers, tractors, combines, thrashers, lift cultivators, combine harvesters, forest/silage harvesters, front loaders, palette forks, and lawnmower.

Speed – Players are warned when driving machinery too fast. Cruise control is ideal.

Tutorials – Will guide you through various farming techniques and practices with you driving the appropriate machinery for the task, from: plowing, sowing, spraying, baling, harvesting and transporting crops to storage silos or transporting bales of hay to your farm. There is also a biogas plant tutorial teaching you how fertilizer is produced as a by-product of silage.

Supplementing Your Income – You may want to earn extra cash, particularly in your early farming days. You have the opportunity of taking on missions, such as: mowing grass on a golf course, moving heavy equipment across town, delivering farming machines, delivering eggs to a baker.

Decisions – Players will have goals to choose and problem-solving skills to engage. Decisions need to be made about crops to grow, machinery and tools to use, livestock to raise, size of fields to cultivate. More variable crops will require more work and investment in extra machines in order to maximize your profits. You will have lots of freedom to decide your approach, in a peaceful, tranquil farming environment. You may decide to work alone, or as a cooperative team socializing with others. Townspeople can be hired as farmhand workers to help you out.

Additional Farming Features – You can expand the number of buildings you have, install solar collectors and greenhouses as further investments in your farming enterprise.

Pipe Dreams

Pipe Dreams is an economic prosperity vs. environmental protection game that focuses on land use in agriculture.


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One of the greatest dilemmas of modern times is the notion of Economic Prosperity vs. Environmental Protection. In many ways what’s good for the environment may not actually be good for the economy and vice versa. Pipe Dreams will teach players about some basic principles of agricultural land use. In this interactive game, players must decide how to effectively zone 10 separate areas in order to maximize environmental protection and economic prosperity. From the crops section, you can choose from potatoes or winter wheat. From the livestock section, you can select from the dairy cattle, beef cattle, or sheep. Finally, you can place some green, by zoning forestry or natural vegetation sections. The order in which you decide to zone the land will determine your ratings for the environment, food, and economic value.

Food Import Folly

Food Goods Game: Become the FDA and prevent contaminated food goods from entering the USA. Free online flash game about the import security of food goods.


Play Food Import Folly

Food Import Folly is a food goods game where you take on the role of the FDA to inspect various food goods coming into the USA. Food imports will arrive in into the county either by boat or truck. When a container enters a port, you have the option to inspect the food goods. You will be limited to only 2 FDA inspectors, and it will take them a while to inspect the food goods. Some of the foods will be contaminated, and if it enters the country it could have adverse health effects on the population. If you receive a food import alert, you can have one of your inspectors research the problem. This will help you figure out what type food goods is at risk. Food goods will come in a variety of containers; fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and sweeteners. You will complete any level when you have successfully imported the annual number food goods. You will score points on all food imports and successful inspections. If you get three separate food alerts, you will lose the game.

The food goods game begins at level 1 in 1997 when there were only 2 millions shipments of food entering the country. The food goods game ends at level 10 in 2006, when there were 9 million shipments of food entering the country. Each intermittent level will increase the number of food shipments by 0.5 million. This will cause an increase in difficulty at every level throughout the game. You FDA personal will remain contestant throughout the food goods game, even with the added food imports.

Bacteria Salad

Bacteria Salad is a food safety game where you have to grow tomatoes or spinach without making people sick from e. coli or salmonella.


Play the Food Safety Game

Bacteria Salad is a food safety game where you have to grow vegetables (spinach or tomatoes) while avoiding food contamination. The main theme in Bacteria Salad is ‘economies of scale’ vs. ‘food safety’. This is the controversial theme of modern agriculture. The greater number fields you add to your farm, the more you will produce. You will automatically build larger farms by placing the smaller farms right next to each other. A larger farm will combine its fields in order to distribute its produce faster to the multiple supermarket refrigerators.

Throughout the game, you will have to be on the lookout for various sources of bacteria and toxins. Cows and wild pigs could contaminate your fields with their faeces. You will need to watch out for agro-terrorists as they might infect your fields with harmful toxins. If any vegetables (spinach or tomatoes) become infected, you will then have to dig up the soil in order to remove the animal faeces, tainted water, or toxins. If three people get sick or die from e. coli, salmonella, or any other type of food poisoning, you will automatically lose the game.


Fatworld is a nutrition game focusing on the politics of nutrition.


Play the Nutrition Game

If you’re old enough, you might remember a small portable console that came out in the 90’s that annoyed many teachers. Many students carried it around in order to feed and play with a virtual pet every single day. When Tamagotchi came out in 1996 it was a major financial success. Since the gadget was so disruptive to the education of many students, some schools had banned them and in certain cases if students were caught with them, they would receive automatic detentions or suspensions.

The Tamagotchi had players constantly feeding their pets every day in order to keep them alive. Asides from feeding pets, the Tamagotchi had other features that displayed health statistics and a requirement to clean up your dog waste. Fatworld, like Tamagotchi is a nutrition game but with many additional features. The game focuses on the politics of nutrition and food regulations. Players begin by creating a character and choosing its sex, age, and overall health.

Fatworld will take players to a virtual world that has four separate districts. You can choose if you want to live in the projects, city, suburbs, or the estates district. You begin by purchasing a house and some sort of restaurant business. The challenge in Fatworld will be to customize a healthy diet for your character. You will have to visit the grocery store in order to purchase food. You will then create a meal plan for your character back at home. If the food balance isn’t right your charter can easily become under or overweight. A poor diet can lead to a stroke, diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. Abuse your character’s health, and he or she will die early due to bad health. You can receive a health report at any time by visiting the Health-O-Mat and paying a $100 fee.

A visit to the grocery store allows you to select ingredients from the produce, packaged goods, meat, dairy, bread, and frozen foods isles. Click on any food, and receive nutritional information such as the amount of calcium, protein, oil, calories, fat calories, salt, sugar, and cholesterol. You can exercise by visiting the running course, obstacle course, or the aerobics trainer. You also exercise by running around town.

When you purchase a food business, you will have to customize a menu and serve it to customers to make a profit. This will be your sole source of income throughout the game. A visit to the Govern-O-Mat gives players the option to engage the politics of nutrition. In the regulations section, you can bribe a politician in order to have them ban or promote grains, fruits, vegetables, milk, meat, syrup, sugars, fats, and sodium. In the subsidies section, you can bribe a politician in order to have them ban or promote, bread, frozen, meat, dairy, produce, and packaged goods. Finally, you can influence health policy, by buying a politician in order to raise or lower the tax rate on healthcare.

Third World Farmer

Third World Farmer is a sustainable development game featuring farming, environmentalism and geopolitical practices in the developing world.


Play Third World Farmer

Third World Farmer is an exciting, thought-provoking sim game which allows the player to experience the tough decisions and hardships that impact the poor family farmer in the developing Third World. The economic aspects aren’t of a wealthier developed world society, but those of hardship/survival challenges in a developing country. Play the game and experience how: market prices; budgeting; agricultural and infrastructure decisions; the environment and geopolitics, affect the lives of farmers. You will experience the impact of family members developing illnesses and dying. You will be fortunate to make money some years, whereas in others, disasters will kill your crops. This game is very insightful and aims to educate about 3rd World conditions of farmers. You can really get absorbed in this game and find yourself playing it for hours.

You can start off by planting some basic crops such as corn, wheat, cotton, and peanuts. With $50 you will not be able to purchase much more. Once you have made your economic choices for the year, you will hit the play button to see the results. On a good year you will double or triple your money. It’s not unusual to get over $100 after the first year, but soon you will find trouble. A family member might get sick, and after a few rounds of playing, with only a few hundred dollars income: Do you have $600 to support the development of a clinic? What about $450 to help build a school, or $125 for crop insurance? There’s only one way to find out how you would hold up under those basic survival, challenging, and stressful situations. Play the game!

McDonalds Video Game

The McDonald’s Video Game features elements of globalization, corruption, rainforest loss, consumer health threats, capitalism, and flawed advertising.


Play McDonalds Video Game

This game is interesting. It is a spin-off of a McDonald’s franchise with a social related focus centred on themes of environmentalism, and globalization. The goal of the game is to try and make as much profit as possible, without either being sued, or loosing your customer base through a bad reputation. The goal is not to foster an environmental or social conscience, but rather to try to present yourself as doing what is necessary to make a profit without gaining a bad reputation. When you decide to cut corners, do it carefully, and not all at once.

The game has four stages. The Agricultural section in San Jose, Costa Rica you will get to choose if you want a plot of land in less environmentally sensitive areas first. You can choose between a cattle pasture or soy field, but the space is limited and you will have to cut down parts of the rainforest in order to sustain the food supply. Choices you make include demolishing a tribal village, and the option to corrupt the San Jose mayor.

In the Feedlot section you get the option to add industrial waste to your folder, as well as hormones, and used animal flour. In the Fast Food section you can hire or fire crew members, monitor your customer traffic, monitor your food supply, and discipline employees.

The most interesting of all sections is the last area, the Headquarters, where you get to run faulty advertising campaigns and be provided with the choice to buy out a politician, climatologist, heath officer and/or a nutritionist.