What the Frack

Players join other stakeholders, including: the energy industry, politicians, environmentalists and the general public, in the controversial fracking debate.



Play What the Frack

What the Frack is a game about the coming natural gas boom. Hydraulic fracturing or hydrofracturing, which is commonly known as “fracking” involving drilling a deep hole under the earth and injecting water mixed with sand and chemicals under very high pressure in order to break up layers of rock to release petrochemicals.
Players will further prepare you to understand and participate in the controversial debate about fracking, along with scientists, the energy industry, politicians, environmentalists and the general public. You will find out about likely serious drawbacks to this technology, environmental contamination of air and water.

You will be acting as the state government for a region that has recently discovered a large shale oil deposit and natural gas.

Opinion Responses – Players choose from 3 different actions. Each of the actions will get the opinion responses of 2 opposing stakeholders: an environmental advocate and an industry representative which represent the pro and con sides of the debate.

Consequences – As well as receiving responses from the two major stakeholder groups, players will also receive consequences which will impact your score.

Links – Players will obtain links to websites to further learn about the fracking debate issues.

Take Action – A “Take Action” button at the end of the game links you to a “Let Me Google That For You” fracking page to facilitate obtaining further information.


AWQA is a water pollution game that involves testing for nitrate, phosphate, iron and sulphate pollution.


Play AWQA Water Pollution Game

Players acquire water pollution testing skills by testing water samples for low, moderate and high levels of contaminates obtained from a picturesque lake setting. You perform water testing for: nitrate, phosphate, iron and sulphate pollution teaching the specific procedures for each of the four contaminates. You obtain readings in milligrams per litre of the substances in the water using a compactor device.

You will learn how lake health is closely related to the concentration of the nutrients phosphorous and nitrogen in the water and the affect of high nutrient concentrations on unhealthy algae growth. Learn about the affects of fertilizer run-off, faulty septic systems, animal faeces droppings, soil erosion from shoreline disturbances and algae decomposition’s consumption of oxygen and ensuing iron and hydrogen sulphide release.

Smog City 2

Smog City 2 lets you control the city pollution levels by customizing the city environment in a variety of ways.


Play Smog City 2

Smog City is a game where you get to control the pollution levels in a city. Choose from three modes. Smog City Ozone, Smog City, Particle Pollution, and create your own experience. By manipulating 10 different types of controls in three categories, you can either create a very air-friendly city, or a toxic dump. In the weather section you get to control features such as clouds/sky cover, inversion, wind, and temperature. For emissions, you decide the level of energy sources, cars, and trucks, off-road (aircraft), consumer products, and industry. The last section lets you decide how big the population should be.

When you have created your custom city environment, you will be witness to an emissions graph showing VOC (Volatile organic compound), NOx (nitrogen oxide), and SO2 (sulfur dioxide). You will see particulate levels, and ozone levels in a line graph. You will also see the number for AQI (air quality index) and corresponding AQI colour. During different hours of the day certain types of pollution will peak and drop off. Find out how different types of input affects particulates, and ozone. Play the game and have fun.

Pollution Simulator

Pollution Simulator is a game that lets you control pollution by engaging in anti-smoking campaigns, ISO 14001 standards and recycling, etc.


Play Pollution Simulator

Your goal in Pollution Simulator is to keep the population levels high while bringing in cash, and keeping pollution down. You keep pollution down by doing campaigns such as anti-smoking, ISO 14001 standards, and recycling. In order to win, you have to use the mouse a lot, constantly changing your strategy. The rules are simple: by increasing industry this decreases cash, increases pollution, and increases population. If you increase taxes, you will gain temporary revenue, but the population decreases. When pollution is increased, the population goes down.

In the game you will be making adjustments for taxes, increasing or decreasing the level of industry, and conducting anti-pollution campaigns. You have three options for renewable energy as well. Once you obtain $25,000 you can invest in hydro. When you have $50,000, you can purchase solar, and once you have $100000 you can purchase wind power. Finally, when you have all three you win the game.