City in Motion 2

City in Motion 2 is a traffic simulation game that lets players become a public transportation coordinator  creating a sustainable efficient transportation system in a city.


Play Cities in Motion 2: Traffic Game

Cities in Motion 2 has the player take on the role of a public transportation coordinator with the goal of creating an efficient public transportation system in a city. In this traffic simulation game, you will be influencing the urban environment and helping to build infrastructure. Building the transportation network will directly influence how the city grows and help reduce traffic.

The traffic simulation game has you creating a sustainable transportation network of the future, by managing day and night cycles, rush hours, creating timetables, establishing routes, selecting forms of transportation, creating transportation infrastructure.

Players have a wide range of transportation options in this traffic game with varying costs, efficiency levels and complexity. It will be challenging. You will begin using buses to transport the population since buses are the simplest system to employ, only requiring roads, many of which are already constructed, and bus stops. You will establish bus routes and observe citizens hop on from their homes as they commute to their places of employment. Soon you will discover that you need to develop more transportation infrastructure in this traffic game to cope with the limited system, so you will find yourself developing a tram system which is more complex and expensive, but will yield more revenue by producing more tickets and higher profits.

Citizen demographics consist of students and tourists and blue and white-collar workers, all with specific destinations. You will be able to see where specific demographics tend to live and where they most likely work. Each citizen has a set workplace and home that they travel back-and-forth to and from every day. You will be able to zoom-in to observe their daily commute. This information will be significant when you are constructing new transportation routes with the aim of making routes viable for specific demographic needs. Cities in Motions 2 is one of the best traffic games on the market.


Mobility is a game similar to Sim City that specializes in sustainable transportation and infrastructure.


Play Mobility

This game is similar to Sim City, but focuses on mobility, and transportation infrastructure. Like Sim City, you have to zone low and high residential, low and high commercial, and industrial real estate. You have three levels, small, medium, and large to zone shopping centers, schools, sport facilities, and parks. In regards to transportation, you have the basic side streets, main streets, and 4 lane avenues, as well as rail tracks for trains.

The focus is transportation, and your city will not grow after you reach 15,000 people unless, you have a suitable transportation system. You will set up guidance systems, control towers, mobility centers, and speed limits. If a street is considered dangerous, you need to make it safe by reducing traffic, and setting up a speed limit. Your budget is 100,0000 Euros, which will be more then enough to get you going. You will have to construct traffic related buildings, a car sharing center, a car sharing station, a transmitter mast, mobility center, parking facilities, and a park, and ride parking lot.

There are many ways to monitor your progress. One section has indicators for effectiveness, quality, and mobility. For effectiveness, you look at kilometres per person, travel times, traffic jams, mobility cost, and energy consumption per kilometre. For quality, you look at emissions per kilometre, noise, energy consumption per person, city subdivision, and land use for transport infrastructure. For mobility, you look at accessibility, travel comfort, and traffic safety. You have a statistics window with seven different categories. You have a public transportation window where you can purchase 4 different types of buses, standard, low-drive, hydrogen drive, and electric drive. You also purchase trains, create and edit bus lines, monitor bus lines, and set up basic fares for revenue. The game is interesting, and requires a bit of focus and strategy. Hope you enjoy.