Clim Way

Clim Way is a climate change game with highly detailed energy categories.


Play the Climate Change Game

When it comes to climate change, Clim’Way is a climate change game that has it all! You will have several objectives in this climate change game. Your main goals will be to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 75 percent, reduce energy by 40 percent, and increase the production of renewable energy by 60 percent between 2008 and 2058. Every year you will be allocated points that will help you reach these goals. Use Public Authority Points (PA), Enterprise Points (EP), and Citizens Points (PC) in order to carry out actions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions at every turn.

This climate change game is extremely detailed and very difficult to play. You will have hundreds of separate choices at every single turn throughout the climate change game. Knowing where to start will be difficult. In the Building Section, you got the categories; Individual Housing, Supermarkets, School, University, Offices, Hospital, Station, Airport, Hotels, and Stadium. In the Energy Production section, you got the categories; Thermal Power Station, Wind Turbines, Hydroelectric Dam, Solar Power Station, Marine Energies, Geothermal Fault, and Nuclear Energy. In the Agriculture section, you got the categories; Agricultural Machinery, Greenhouses, Animal Breeding Buildings, Fields and Vines, Forestry, Biofuel Production Unit, and Manure Heap. In the SIN section, there is the Fishing category. In the Tourism and Free Time section, there is the coastal campsite and ski resort categories. In the Transports section, you got the categories; Cars, Pedestrian/Bicycle, Bus, Tram, Train, Aeroplane, Cargo, Lorry, Delivery Van, and Transports Hub. In the Industries section, you got the Industrial Estate category. In the Waste section, you got the categories; Recycling Center, Council Tip, and Incinerator. Finally, in the Others section, you got the Town Hall category.

The climate change game is extremely detailed because each category has many subcategories as well. You will have a finite amount of points during every turn. Use strategies to select the sequence in which you will initiate certain events and upgrades. Selecting random events and upgrades won’t help you win this game. With hundreds of choices throughout the climate change game, players will receive a detailed description of each choice. They will get to receive a list of both advantages and disadvantages for each choice. An extremely detailed statistics window will allow players to monitor their progress throughout this climate change game.

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