Eco Mission

Eco Mission is a game that focuses on players trying to get to a concert while trying to minimize their environmental impact.


Play Eco Mission

There’s a concert in 60 hours, and you have to get to it on time. Choose from 4 vehicles: the gas guzzler, eco van, hybrid, and speedster.You don’t exactly know where you’re going, but you’ve got a map. Use the map as a guide, and watch your gas. You will periodically make stops to both fill up and inflate tires. On the way, pick up passengers to be able to carpool. This will help you a great deal towards lowering your footprint, and the global health bar will go up. Watch your fuel gauge. When you get low, fill up immediately. When you get tired, go to a hotel, or campground, and get some sleep.

When you get to the concert, you can help the environment by picking up garbage. Recycle some paper, earn 1 point, recycle some guitar strings to earn 3 points, and recycle some batteries to earn 5 points. Get 25 points, and go backstage and you win.

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