Make Dumptown green by establishing reuse centers, composting, recycling centers and programs including grass cycling and home yard trimmings.


Play Dump Town

Here you can turn Dumptown into ‘Greentown’. This is a very educational, thought-provoking and challenging game.You will start off by encouraging citizens to recycle and reduce waste. You will be given a budget and must clean up the town with up to 10 programs. Each time you initiate a program, you will see the landscape change, and the amount of waste that you’re keeping out of the landfill.

You are to take over as Dumptown’s new city manager and find out that it is littered and polluted, and that there is no recycling.here are many trash cans and dumpsters, but it is lacking recycling bins. All the trash in Dumptown is ends up in the landfill. In your new city manager position, you are able to start programs that encourage waste minimization.

You get to play 10 programs that include informative educational waste management facts and details. This feedback shows how the Dumptown landscape changes and how much waste is prevented from ending up in the landfill. Programs include: Reuse Center; Grasscycling; Home Composting; Pay As You Throw; Business Recycling; Business Composting; Drop-Off Recycling Center; Home Yard Trimmings Pick-up; Home Recycling Pick-up.

Current Waste lets you keep track of how many tons on each type of material is going into the landfill: paper and cardboard, glass, steel, aluminium, plastics, wood, food wastes, yard trimmings, textiles.

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