WolfQuest is a 3D wildlife simulation game that teaches you about gray wolves in Yellowstone National Park.


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In this exciting and educational 3D wildlife simulation game with superb graphics (which you can customize based upon your computer performance), you will become a gray wolf gaining first-hand experience of the life-cycle of the gray wolves in Yellowstone National Park. Gray wolves had historically endured a negative view and had been a persecuted and controversial predator culled by biased humans. Changing values and endangered species legislation resulted in efforts to preserve large predators, including the gray wolf, which were reintroduced into Yellowstone National Park in the mid 1990’s in a successful attempt to restore the endangered animal species.

Players will become familiar with Yellowstone National Park by undertaking wolf missions throughout the game, selecting options and choosing graphics, including the choice of single or multiplayer. You will create a wolf, selecting male/female, customizing its color; determine its strength stamina and speed. Throughout the game, you will acquire skill points for hunting animals, marking your territory and accomplishing missions. Games may be saved and you have opportunities to try again. You will learn about your wolf predators: rival wolves, grizzly bears, coyotes and birds.

You will encounter showdowns of dominance in attempting to introduce yourself to other wolves prior to finding a future mate. Your first step in the fall season on the slopes of Yellowstone’s Amethyst Mountain is finding a mate while simultaneously finding food for your survival. Utilizing the map view will have you seeing other wolf territories and locations to hunt for elk, while on the lookout for grizzly bears, other rival wolves and coyotes. Elks and hares will sustain your strength on your mission. The scent key will help you locate wolf packs by tracking; the stamina bar assists you in gauging your stamina. The health level indicates your hunger state and the extent of injuries sustained. The compass guides you in the direction of food and other wolves.

You engage in many life-cycle missions in Yellowstone National Park including:

Find a Female – which culminates in completing the Amethyst Mountain mission quest where you get to learn about wolf pack survival and your responsibility for survival of the genetic code which as a wolf, is your life’s quest.

Find a Den – in the Lamar River, Slough Creek or Bison Park areas of Yellowstone, has you aware of your need to be close to food while remaining away from the danger of Yellowstone gray wolf rival packs and other predators.

Mark Your Territory – shows you the importance of scent defence for the wolf which must urinate in its buffer zone between the den and rival wolves, marking its territory from predator threats by urinating and howling throughout. You use your keyboard letters to mark territory leaving scent marks preventing rival wolf packs from threatening your family.

You’ve Got Pups! – You start your family. You learn the gestation period of gray wolves, and early post-birth developmental facts. You will get to name pups if you accumulate enough experience points. You can later change names in the Pack Stats panel.

Train Your Pups – finds you challenged to keep the pups from wandering too far, picking them up and bringing strays back to the den, and increasing the affinity closeness level of your family pack, while reinforcing the pups’ awareness of staying close to home. You and/or you mate will feed your pups by mostly eating food and regurgitating it for them until they are weaned. You must also protect them from predators, especially grizzly bears who see them as easy meals. Manipulate your keyboard to pick up pups. The Pack Affinity Meter shows how well pups stay near the den. You must constantly mark your territory to keep predators and rivals at bay. Your mission is completed when you have taught your pups to stay nearby to keep safe.

Defend Your Pups – while you continue to go about your efforts in your mission of chasing away grizzlies, and killing coyotes, constantly marking your territory while training and feeding your pups. The Food For Pups meter gauges food consumption.

Grow Your Pups – finds you journeying across a valley to a new home – a “rendezvous site” where you will spend the summer once your pups reach the target weight of 15 pounds and are able to leave the original den site. You must track their weight on the Pack Stats popup which you access from the Map key or Game options.

In The Final Journey, – the pups are now big enough to leave the den, so it is time to leave the den site and journey across a valley to your summer rendezvous. Since crossing rivers is dangerous and can be hazardous for pups that have stayed close to the den site, you must undertake the mission of keeping the pups alive on this journey. If you attempt to carry them while swimming across the creek they will likely drown, so you are challenged to have to find shallow stretches to wade as pups wait to be carried across.

You will be provided the option of a Bonus Level where you have the option of jumping a protective fence and entering a farmer’s field enclosing calves, if you determine that elk are too hard to find. Bear in mind that this choice is dangerous and even life-threatening if the farmer goes after you with a gun. Cows can send a warning alarm to the farmers alerting them of your presence and threat to their livestock.

You are congratulated when you arrive at the ‘rendezvous site’ where you’ll be spending the summer at your hillside home, hunting insects, mice and bird nestlings. Come fall, the pups will be big and strong enough to hunt elk with you, and in the spring you’ll find yourself making a new litter of pups. This year’s pups will help you and your mate to raise the newborns. The first pups will be spending another year together with you before leaving the family in search of mates and the life-cycle will repeat itself again for a new generation.

When you have completed the WolfQuest game you have the option of reloading a saved game back at your den, or staring a new one. You also have an opportunity of learning more about wolves. Through the game, you will gain an appreciation of the wolves of Yellowstone National Park, which not so long ago used to be a threatened endangered species.

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