Mission Migration

Learn about birds that migrate and how human activity such as using pesticides affects them.



Play Mission Migration

Mission: Migration exposes the threats of negative human activity on the migration of birds, while also stressing the impact of positive environmental choices on successful bird migration.

Players are challenged to accept the mission of assisting a flock of birds in completing its seasonal migration through bird migration routes, which is facilitated by the flockā€™s search of food, water, shelter and space. You will help the flock navigate the challenges of their bird migration by being on the outlook for environmental habitat hazards, while avoiding thunderstorms and aircraft dangers. You will learn about natural and manmade hazards. Players need to be efficient by flapping the wings at the right time, while taking advantage of the jet stream to conserve energy with the goal of reaching the finish line fast.

You get to choose from four birds: Robin; Common Yellowthroat; Red-tailed Hawk, and Great Egret, and learn about their habitat, food and migration reasons. Each species has a special set of skills, and will have advantages and disadvantages when flying.

Players have to guide a flock of birds through three separate stages: rural farm areas: Farmland Flyover; suburban towns: Suburban Stopover and inner city: City Search. At the end of each level, you will need to quickly find an adequate place for your birds to rest in their bird migration route, while watching out for various health risks: such as poison and pesticides. You will acquire various facts on the different items throughout the game, and learn how humans play a significant role, both positive and negative, on the health and well-being of birds throughout the game categorized under the headings: Health Risks and Health Power-ups.

At the conclusion of Mission: Migration, players are congratulated for helping the flock finish its bird migrations. Here you get to see the birds successfully build nests and find mates. The game reinforces the role that humans play in the lives of birds and players gain an appreciation of their dependence on us for keeping backyards, schoolyards and neighborhoods safe, clean, healthy and inviting habitats for birds as well as other vulnerable and threatened forms of wildlife.

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