Build a Prairie

Build a Prairie. The tall grass prairie restoration game for learning about prairie ecosystems.


Play Build a Prairie

Although 98% of North America’s original tall grass prairie has been destroyed, in this game you get a chance at environmental restoration. You get to rebuild either a tall grass or short grass prairie ecosystem.

There are several stages in the game in which you either build a tall grass, or short grass prairie. In the first stage you have to choose four out of six of the best grasses you want to integrate in the prairie, but you have to be careful because two of them you don’t want in the prairie. In the second stage you get to plant forbs which are broad-leafed herbs other than grasses. You then have to select the best four out of six birds to go along with your prairie restoration. Once you have selected grasses, forbs, and birds for your prairie ecosystem, you then have another three categories of species to choose from. Click on any species along the way, and learn about its ecology, and interaction with a prairie ecosystem.

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