Reach for the Sun

Reach for the Sun is a plant growing simulation game that hones your resource management skills and increases your botany knowledge.


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Reach for the Sun is a plant growing simulation game that has the player acquire a “green thumb” and hone their resource management skills and increase botany knowledge. Your mission is to make your plant bear fruit so that it can produce seeds to facilitate continuation of the growth process.

Players will start off by growing a plant across a season while attempting to make as many seeds as possible before winter sets in. You will begin with a few sees unlocking the easiest plant, the sunflower, then as you proceed in the plant growing simulation game you will be unlocking more complex plants and be purchasing some upgrades to make your gardening task easier.

You will learn about photosynthesis, plant anatomy, the role of male and female components in pollination, and the importance of growth resources.


Tutorials – Informative tutorials are offered to increase your gardening knowledge.

Resource Management – Players will carefully gather and manage 3 essential key resources to create plants and fruits: water, nutrients and starch. Every new extension to the plant – roots, leaves, fruit, pollen, requires resources. The more resources you have the more fruitful your plant can become. Collecting starch and growing your plant requires an investment. However, in the plant growing simulation game your resource pool expands the more plants you have.

Resource Indicators – The screen will show you how much you have left of the 3 resources. To acquire more, your plant parts flash on the screen indicating that you can harvest a resource. The plant parts will flash indicating that you can harvest a resource.

Roots – produce absorb water and nutrients and transfer them to the leaves

Leaves – Plants produce starch through the process of photosynthesis (the process – in the presence of chlorophyll – by which plant convert energy from the sun into chemical energy used to fuel plant organisms) to facilitate the growth process. Roots and Leaves generate more resources in the plant growing simulation game.

Flowers – produce seeds which are used as a currency in the plant growing simulation game to unlock new types of plants, and enable you to make improvements to your garden, such as plant fertilizer, watering cans, and praying mantis insects to prevent pests

Hazards and Threats – Bugs and plant blight have to be eliminated for healthy plant growth to occur.

Now that you have your own “green thumb”, you can take what you have learned in this plant growing simulation game to grow your own plants.

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