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Unclaimed Word

Unclaimed Word is a very challenging planet colonization game, similar to the movie Avatar, where mankind must learn to survive on an alien world.


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Unclaimed World lets players experience what it might be like to be forced to survive in an alien ecosystem beyond our solar system. Because of a futuristic catastrophic asteroid strike in the Atlantic Ocean causing the loss of millions of people, nations throughout the world have united in their decision to create a backup of humanity on an extra-solar planet called Tau Ceti. In 2129, the starship Exigence leaves Earth along with you as leader of space pioneering colonists who must enter the state of hibernation for the century-long one-way space journey towards a potentially sustainable new homeland in Tau Ceti.

Your goal as space pioneer is to survive, until hopefully rescued, on the extraterrestrial planet you have crash-landed on, while facing many life-threatening challenges, including attacks from alien creatures. Your survival will depend on your resourcefulness and willingness to educate yourself about your unknown challenging alien environment. Your goal will be to plan and manage a human settlement in an alien world. You must manage a community of space pioneers in this realistic, science-fiction setting chosen as mankind’s first interstellar colonization attempt. Colonists have become scattered throughout this unknown planet with minimal supplies and technology. The lives of the space pioneers will depend on your strategic planning. Your primary mission goal has now become: to survive in a completely unknown alien ecosystem, and then, secondary: to rebuild a human civilization in this hostile environment.


A group of specialists are awakened from deep hibernation to prepare for an exploration mission before the main landing operation. The initial exploration is an important introductory attempt to avert the risk of catastrophe from unknown dangers on the planet’s surface. There can be no return because all landing vehicles were one-way capsules since it is impossible to get back into orbit. 6 teams consisting of 60 scientists and security experts in total left the ship over a 1-month period.

Exploratory Investigation Goals consisted of: natural resources’ evaluations; soil, air and water examinations for toxins; assessment of dangers from indigenous alien life-forms both from the microscopic level and up; risk and strategy assessment for defending against threats in the environment; as well as the selection of the final landing site for the establishment of the main colony. You will share information acquired from the exploration expeditions, such as: diverse life-forms, microorganism threats, benign weather, natural resources and the most suitable locations for landing and settlement. After the exploration, you will be in charge of waking up the remaining colonists for boarding of 2 heavy drop ships and evacuation of Exigence.


You will experience a major catastrophe when alien species surround the spacecraft, crippling it and wiping out the local wildlife ecosystem. Your goal will now become a life-or-death survival challenge whereby your problem-solving and managerial resourcefulness skills will be constantly tested. Many emergency decisions will have to be made.

At this point the player of Unclaimed World takes on the “mission” challenge of trying to survive the members of his/her disaster-stricken expedition in this alien ecosystem. Tutorials will guide you throughout your ordeals. In order to survive, you must assume numerous tasks and optionscomprised of challenges under categories, such as: Scout; Attack/Hunt; Gather/Forage; Salvage; Produce Items; Cook; Degradation; and Construct Buildings.


Other Challenging Issues, such as: weather, exhaustion, injuries and disease will also be encountered. You will face these challenges in both Day and Night Cycles, whereby survivors sleep in shifts so that someone is always on watch-alert.

You will use the Pioneer Planning Unit to manage the group’s decision-making, since the settlers do not engage in a command-chain managerial system, but rather a democratic voting mechanism which is utilized for mitigating disagreements.

Players will see if they can face the challenges of trying to make do with what they have brought, what they can find, and what they can adapt on this new challenging alien ecosystem, while simultaneously using your knowledge of the environment, survival techniques and problem-solving skills in order to hold you over until you are rescued and are able to rejoin the other space colonist pioneer settlers. See if you are up to the daunting challenge.

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