Energy City

Energy City is a Simcity style renewable energy game.


Play Energy City

Energy City is designed to familiarize you with some of the energy challenges facing our planet. It highlights the complex environmental, social, political economic and technical challenges encompassing our energy challenges.

In Energy City, you will work through a selection of 6 cities, each has its own energy detail variations and challenges, as you play a 10-year normal play, or a 20-year expert play. Watch out for, and observe the important 3 meters displayed on the top of your screen, providing you details about you city’s: local air quality; environmental impact and budget. These meters will gauge the energy choices you make for your city. Your budget keeps your city viable, so you will need to attempt to achieve balance between financial and environmental components.

Players in Energy City will learn how to most effectively deliver energy to each city. Delivering energy to you city entails clicking on power plants to draw energy from them; however, remember that each time you utilize a power source, you are making a statement about your city’s energy portfolio, so understand the implications before you make your selections. You will get a summary and have the option of obtaining a printout of your accomplishments.

If you fail to meet the energy quota, Energy City will end. For best results, experiment with as many different cities and energy strategies as you can. To win Energy City players must power their city and prevent the metrics from bottoming out. Evaluation data and feedback will be provided at the end of each term and each game. This will facilitate evaluating your strengths and weaknesses.

The Energy Strategies screen focuses on the areas of: research; development and upgrades

Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) programs mitigate environmental impact. Research must be conducted before new energy technologies can be used. You will find that some research strategies will provide quick results, while others will be laying the groundwork for future strategies. At times you will be upgrading existing facilities instead of building new, which takes 1 turn to complete; up to 3 turns for building new facilities.

The game gives you the option to learn more about the technologies you select (i.e. fuel cell technology; biofuel; solar panels; photovoltaic (PV) panels; green rooftops). You’ll get recommendations from various stakeholders. If you follow their advice you will be rewarded. Stakeholders have a vested interest in your city. Each stakeholder group has  specific energy and environmental needs. Click on the various groups, and carefully listen to their concerns as they offer valuable insights. The health and environmental impacts of pollution (i.e. combustion of coal-releasing particulate matter and atmospheric gasses) will be stressed as you manage your cities. You will be engaging conservation strategies to mitigate the affects of the impact of certain energy choices.

Choices/Options can be researched as you play, from energy technology education provided in Energy City:

Non-renewable – coal power; natural gas resources; nuclear resources that have been around for decades and are the predominant existing infrastructure

Renewable – coming from resources that can be recovered within a lifetime (i.e. biofuels, plants; cell technology; biofuel power plants

Inexhaustible – wind farms; hydroelectric resources; solar resources which draw from the limitless energy of the sun; nevertheless, they require money and infrastructure changes

Conservation – residential PV (photovoltaic) Panels; commercial PV panels green rooftops

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