Enercities is an energy and natural resource game that allows you to build a sustainable city while encountering environmental restrictions.


Play EnerCities

Players get to create and expand a virtual city which will involve you dealing with energy and environmental issues. You will start with a small village and take on the challenge of building your own metropolis with the goal of keeping your city sustainable while growing it to 200. You must be careful to balance your people, planet and profit by carefully managing your natural resources and wisely spending your money.

While playing, you will be thinking about energy-related implications, such as: energy consumption, energy savings, and renewable energy. You will be aware of the significance of energy in urban city society, and individual households. Players will find themselves challenging their energy attitudes, behaviour and problem-solving skills while dealing with pollution, energy shortages, energy reduction plans and renewable energy projects, etc.

As you play, you will have to consider: energy balance, cash reserve, natural resources, population, economy, environment and well-being (quality-of-life). You will have limited oil and natural gas resources which cannot be renewed. If you don’t constantly upgrade buildings to be energy efficient, you will run out of these resources.

The game has 5 levels, beginning with a simple suburban pot and light industrial buildings, then expanding to heavy industry, commercial district, forests, urban district and new energy buildings. The 4th level finds players unlocking powerful super structures, such as the nuclear fusion plant. At each level you can upgrade with innovations, reducing fossil fuel use.

As soon as you begin the game, you will likely find yourself making upgrades for City Hall involving implementing city-wide policies, such as: CO2 taxes, an electric car grid, an energy education program, an eco-tourism program and a sustainable technology fund.

Players will start out with 1,000 units of oil and natural gas, and might then find themselves constructing a wind turbine farm to provide clean renewable electricity. After that, you might want to build your first suburban home. You will likely then witness your oil and natural gas start to deplete and decide to solve that problem by improving insulation and adding solar panels to put a halt to your depletion of oil and natural gas resources.

From then, players will have the option to build a light industry, a park and a market. Finally, as you do more upgrades and add new units you will unlock new features, other upgrades for homes, such as: rainwater storage, energy efficient light bulbs, improved insulation and bus stops to encourage public transportation.

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