ElectroCity is a Sim City-style simulator that focuses on energy use and sustainable development.


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Learn to run a town with Electrocity. A Sim City-style simulator Electrocity, focuses on energy use, and sustainable development. It’s simple, but fun. You start off in a town by the coast, with a population of 10,000 people, and $400. You have two main indicators: electricity, and environment, which are both neutral when you start. The game map is small, only 25 squares. You have 5 squares each side, to work with, but you can develop, on every piece of land. What are your priorities? Do you want a big population, or do you want environmental protection.? How you play the game depends on your values.

The interesting part in the game, unlike the real world, is that you get to decide whether you want a nuclear power plant in you backyard or something cleaner such as a windmill. You don’t need a large population to win, but if you want, you can have a few million people or more.

When you go to the town, you have several choices. Go to the town, and you have nine options to choose from: efficiency education, solar panels, efficient light bulbs, household insulation, micro-wind turbines, gas heating, everyone in bed by 8, ban all television, and no growth. Click on land by a river, and you have options to build a coal power plant, gas plant, hydro plant, nuclear plant, or campground. Click on an empty field, and you have the option of planting a forest, or prospecting for resources. You can also build a farm, airstrip, paper mill, rich farmland, aluminium smelter, stadium, or amusement park. Go to the hills, and you get to build windmills. Up in the mountains you can build a ski resort.

When you click on any area of development you will get some statistics that will help you make decisions. For example, a wind farm might generate 32 MW per turn. It will cost $100 to run, pollute 1 point, and reduce tourism by 3 points per turn. An undisturbed forest increases tourism by 2 points, and cleans up pollution, but you can also log it for money. The game is interesting and not hard to play. Check it out.

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