Energyville is a game developed by Chevron and the Economist Group that lets users choose future energy options while building a virtual city.


Play Energyville

Players actively engage in the energy debate and become familiarized with some of the challenges faced in meeting the world’s future energy needs, while focusing on the environmental, security opportunities and trade-offs associated with various energy sources. Name your own city, in this interactive game developed by Chevron and the Economist Group, and become in charge of meeting the energy demands by making choices allowing you to replace existing energy infrastructure.

Drag and drop energy source icons to bring your city to life (i.e., natural gas, biomass, coal, hydro, nuclear, petroleum, hydro, hydrogen, shale oil, solar, wind), and access icons that educate about renewable energy sources, including statistics about solar and photovoltaic plants from various worldwide sources and online links, including Solar Energy Society (, and forums hosted by

When your city is properly powered you proceed through levels, removing and adding power sources to change your energy grid, engage in energy conservation and efficiency options while being challenged by unexpected events that impact your city’s energy future (i.e., nuclear accidents; global warming; rising fossil fuel prices; failing anticipated performance of offshore wind farms; improved extraction technologies increasing oil shale production; declining petroleum prices due to oil shale usage). Manage your energy portfolio and obtain your individual management score, and be invited to compare your city’s energy mix and results with other players.

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