Oil God

Oil God is a virtual oil game where you have to run up the price of gasoline by creating wars and natural disasters.


Play Oil God

Oil God is a fossil fuel game that has you playing the role of an omnipotent oil God. You are to control 9 independent nations. In Oil God every nation will have its own political and economic system. Each nation will also have different natural resources, and geological features. Your job in the Oil God game is to disrupt the oil supply as much as possible. In order to win the Oil God game you must double the cost of oil in your target nation. You can influence disasters such as war, civil wars, earthquakes, foods, tornadoes, volcanoes, and alien invasions. You have three economic systems to choose from. Capitalism has the advantage of slower disaster recovery but will also have lower taxes, and increased efficiency. Socialism will have the advantage of higher taxes and slightly slower disaster recovery. Communism has higher taxes and reduced efficiency, and it will also have the fastest disaster recovery out of the three systems.

In the Oil God game, you can change the political system of any country. Democratic countries avoid war and will not trade with totalitarian governments. Imperialist countries will be very aggressive and will not trade with theocracies. Totalitarian countries will have higher taxation and slower disaster recovery. Theocracies will be more susceptible to unrest when at war.

Oil God has you playing three difficulty levels; regular unleaded, super unleaded, and premium unleaded.

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