This oil game is an anti-environmental game that makes you drill for oil and corrupt politicians in order to win.


Play the oil game

This is an oil game where you get play the role of the protagonist of the petroleum era: explore and drill for oil around the world, corrupt politicians, increase oil addiction and stop alternative energies. With this oil game, be sure to enjoy your mission before the resource begins to deplete! Peak Oil (when the maximum rate of global petroleum extraction has been reached and the rate of production commences terminal decline), is absolutely of no concern in the Oiligarchy oil game.

In this oil game you are the of C.E.O. of one of the biggest oil companies in the World with the mission of accumulating as much oil and money as you can. The game of excess and greed know no bounds in amassing your oil fortune. World War II is over, and it will be years before environmentalism, conservation and worries about peak oil enter the picture.

You begin the game in 1946 and progress by yearly turns. Each year will have you exploring for new oil areas, both on land and offshore at sea. Players will be able to plant oil drilling machines for oil extraction. Every 8 to 10 years, you will participate in political campaigns. Your mission here is to contribute sufficient amounts of cash to the winning party of each campaign to ensure that you will be able to increase your company’s oil productivity by bribing elected politicians. You will also have to get your hands dirtied taking care of military issues in unwelcoming foreign countries who resent your presence as a captain of resource exploitive ‘big oil’.

To succeed as Oiligarchy’s C.E.O. you are compelled to have to become corrupt. In the oil game, corruption, greed and politics intermingle. To make maximum money, which is your goal to successfully fill your job description, you not only have to worry about the supply of oil, you also have to worry about the demand, which is where politics inevitably enters the picture. Politics is a ‘means-to-an-end’, so your role is to influence oil demand by lobbying politicians.

A statistics screen will educate you about the cost per barrel of oil, and the yearly bottom line profits. You will need to keep your profits up to please your shareholders and keep your fancy new top floor office. You want to avoid getting fired which will abruptly end the oil game. Increasing oil dependency and “oiling’ or lobbying politicians in Washington, D.C. will also facilitate your success.

Watch the oil addiction gauge – starting at 30%, low, then watch it change as a measure of how addicted the country is to oil. Oil Demand is depicted in the demand and supply bar. Maximum Extraction is gauged – you want the supply to match the demand, and not exceed it.

As time goes on the natural tendency is for politics to become “green” as Environmentalism takes popularity. As that happens, a non-political interventionism approach (laissez-faire politics) will lead to a decrease in oil addiction as Environmentalism takes roots.

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