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Quest For Oil is a free to download simulation game that has you experience the challenges of offshore oil drilling in the North Sea and Qatar.


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Quest For Oil, a strategy resource management game by Maersk, a worldwide shipping and oil and gas company, gives players the chance to experience the challenging world of off-shore drilling being on an oil drilling rig in the pursuit of oil in two locations: the North Sea and off Qatar. You will go on a subsurface journey exploring the geographical underground of the oil industry at both locations.

Players will test their analytic skills searching for oil on a seismic map while facing challenges surrounding oil exploration: seismic analysis; reservoir identification; placement of oil drilling wells; setting up and optimizing product, and getting the oil offshore, while being aware that safety is always to be your highest priority.

You will be tested on how precisely you are able to position your drilling equipment while keeping your eye on temperature and pressure before oil is able to be extracted and production can begin. Players will learn about the oil drilling industry, the importance of the seismic phase and the formation of the earth’s different layers. You will have the challenge of trying to beat your digital opponent who is determined to have you lose. Players will learn the importance of the seismic phase – how the earth’s different layers formed and which of the layers might yield oil using this knowledge to beat the opponent.

Players will have 3 main considerations:

Time – which is an unknown factor in reaching your target. You don’t know how much time you have before your opponent achieves his/her goal and is able to beat you. Thus, you will need to act strategically. You can still beat your opponent (even if they have a head-start, so stay calm and focus even if your opponent appears to be ahead),by locating the best reservoirs as well as choosing the right technological set-up and production process methods; scarce resources – you don’t know how much

Oil Fields – each location has oil field licences available with estimated potentials

Money – You start with a fixed amount and will begin investing to get licences, equipment, assets and advice. You are advised to get an understanding of all the costs that are entailed before making a profit yourself, otherwise you will run out of money in the middle of an exploration or production process which could end your mission. You should remember that once you have obtained the maximum number of oil barrels, the money you have accumulated will also count toward your position.

Your assets are your research vessel and helicopter. To fast track quick location of assets use your computer mouse – Left Click to select assets; Right Click for movement of assets, to speed pressure


You will provide you with important information to become an oil exploration expert. You have 3 experts at your disposal: a seismic lead geologist, a drilling specialist and an oil production engineer available to help you.

Step 1 – Check out the potential map to locate oil field

Step 2 – Use assets to get your preferred oil field

Step 3 – Once at the field, check out the estimated reservoir potential and price.

Step 4 – Check availability and funds.

Step 5 – Buy.

Buying Seismic Data: First – acquire a licence, start exploring, and buy seismic data. Next, become aware of the updated expected potential of the oil reservoir.

Earth Layer and Overview: You will study the layers and characteristics: sandstone, limestone, shale, chalk, salt, volcanoes

Seismic Analysis Help – Remember to call on a specialist by clicking on a specialist and watching a tutorial and video which will help you beat your opponent and improve your seismic analysis data analysis skills.

Oil Production:

  • Choose your production platform and strategy; confirm location and reservoir size
  • Carry out oil production process- unlock oil from rock by injecting water and natural gas – total number of barrels and barrels per minute depends on placement of injection wells
  • Adjust the pressure – faster production = greater attrition within the reservoir, producing fewer barrels; whereas, slower production = less attrition within the reservoir, producing more barrels
  • Choose how to transport the oil to your oil refinery. Although tankers are cheaper than pipelines, you are restricted to 1 oil tanker per production platform

Seismic 3-D Map:

Blue – indicates that players are drilling closer to the surface

Red – indicates drilling deeper in the rock layer; the right amount of water and CO2 injected into the seabed will free the oil.

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