Windfall is a windmill game with NIMBYism at the core.


Play the windmill game

So you always wanted to design a wind farm? Well now is your chance! Windfall is a windmill game where you get to design and build a wind farm. Research suitable locations to construct windmills by finding out the average wind speed and land value for a particular site. Then decide if you want to construct a small, medium or large windmill. Large windmills produce more power, but they also decrease the land value. This creates greater opposition to you wind farm. You will have to connect windmills to transformers by building power lines. Make sure to avoid building windmills near populated areas, or you will have to pay a higher amount each month to offset the political damage.

Windfall is a windmill game that provides a good example of wind energy NIMBYism (Not in My Backyard Syndrome). NIMBYism is one of the leading reasons why wind farms are not gaining the momentum that they should. People overlook this fact and assume that the conventional industries such as coal and nuclear are suppressing wind energy.

NIMBYism to windmills is caused by a belief that they are ugly to look at, and they will ruin the visual quality of the natural landscape. Some of the windiest locations on the planet are close to shorelines. The extra wind speed is important because when the wind speed doubles, wind energy will increase eightfold.

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