Farming Simulator

Farming Simulator has you play a farmer growing crops and raising livestock while running seeders, balers, combines, tractors, thrashers and cultivators.


Play Farming Simulator

Players take on the role of farmer with the challenge of managing and growing your own farm while experiencing it grow to a major enterprise. Players will prepare fields for planting, sow seeds of 4 different varieties, cultivate crops, harvest and sell crops and reinvest funds back into the farm. You will also engage in animal husbandry raising cattle, sheep and chickens. Players will have the opportunity to complete a variety of missions.

Players will try to harvest as much as they can by increasing the number of fields. This will require using numerous types of machinery. You will experience controlling farming vehicles and machinery. You will have a vast selection of over 100 vehicles and tools from over 20 licensed brands at your disposal. It will be a challenge to choose the right machine and tool for the task.

Farming Machinery – You will get to run machinery such as: seeders, balers, tractors, combines, thrashers, lift cultivators, combine harvesters, forest/silage harvesters, front loaders, palette forks, and lawnmower.

Speed – Players are warned when driving machinery too fast. Cruise control is ideal.

Tutorials – Will guide you through various farming techniques and practices with you driving the appropriate machinery for the task, from: plowing, sowing, spraying, baling, harvesting and transporting crops to storage silos or transporting bales of hay to your farm. There is also a biogas plant tutorial teaching you how fertilizer is produced as a by-product of silage.

Supplementing Your Income – You may want to earn extra cash, particularly in your early farming days. You have the opportunity of taking on missions, such as: mowing grass on a golf course, moving heavy equipment across town, delivering farming machines, delivering eggs to a baker.

Decisions – Players will have goals to choose and problem-solving skills to engage. Decisions need to be made about crops to grow, machinery and tools to use, livestock to raise, size of fields to cultivate. More variable crops will require more work and investment in extra machines in order to maximize your profits. You will have lots of freedom to decide your approach, in a peaceful, tranquil farming environment. You may decide to work alone, or as a cooperative team socializing with others. Townspeople can be hired as farmhand workers to help you out.

Additional Farming Features – You can expand the number of buildings you have, install solar collectors and greenhouses as further investments in your farming enterprise.

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