Fatworld is a nutrition game focusing on the politics of nutrition.


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If you’re old enough, you might remember a small portable console that came out in the 90’s that annoyed many teachers. Many students carried it around in order to feed and play with a virtual pet every single day. When Tamagotchi came out in 1996 it was a major financial success. Since the gadget was so disruptive to the education of many students, some schools had banned them and in certain cases if students were caught with them, they would receive automatic detentions or suspensions.

The Tamagotchi had players constantly feeding their pets every day in order to keep them alive. Asides from feeding pets, the Tamagotchi had other features that displayed health statistics and a requirement to clean up your dog waste. Fatworld, like Tamagotchi is a nutrition game but with many additional features. The game focuses on the politics of nutrition and food regulations. Players begin by creating a character and choosing its sex, age, and overall health.

Fatworld will take players to a virtual world that has four separate districts. You can choose if you want to live in the projects, city, suburbs, or the estates district. You begin by purchasing a house and some sort of restaurant business. The challenge in Fatworld will be to customize a healthy diet for your character. You will have to visit the grocery store in order to purchase food. You will then create a meal plan for your character back at home. If the food balance isn’t right your charter can easily become under or overweight. A poor diet can lead to a stroke, diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. Abuse your character’s health, and he or she will die early due to bad health. You can receive a health report at any time by visiting the Health-O-Mat and paying a $100 fee.

A visit to the grocery store allows you to select ingredients from the produce, packaged goods, meat, dairy, bread, and frozen foods isles. Click on any food, and receive nutritional information such as the amount of calcium, protein, oil, calories, fat calories, salt, sugar, and cholesterol. You can exercise by visiting the running course, obstacle course, or the aerobics trainer. You also exercise by running around town.

When you purchase a food business, you will have to customize a menu and serve it to customers to make a profit. This will be your sole source of income throughout the game. A visit to the Govern-O-Mat gives players the option to engage the politics of nutrition. In the regulations section, you can bribe a politician in order to have them ban or promote grains, fruits, vegetables, milk, meat, syrup, sugars, fats, and sodium. In the subsidies section, you can bribe a politician in order to have them ban or promote, bread, frozen, meat, dairy, produce, and packaged goods. Finally, you can influence health policy, by buying a politician in order to raise or lower the tax rate on healthcare.

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