McDonalds Video Game

The McDonald’s Video Game features elements of globalization, corruption, rainforest loss, consumer health threats, capitalism, and flawed advertising.


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This game is interesting. It is a spin-off of a McDonald’s franchise with a social related focus centred on themes of environmentalism, and globalization. The goal of the game is to try and make as much profit as possible, without either being sued, or loosing your customer base through a bad reputation. The goal is not to foster an environmental or social conscience, but rather to try to present yourself as doing what is necessary to make a profit without gaining a bad reputation. When you decide to cut corners, do it carefully, and not all at once.

The game has four stages. The Agricultural section in San Jose, Costa Rica you will get to choose if you want a plot of land in less environmentally sensitive areas first. You can choose between a cattle pasture or soy field, but the space is limited and you will have to cut down parts of the rainforest in order to sustain the food supply. Choices you make include demolishing a tribal village, and the option to corrupt the San Jose mayor.

In the Feedlot section you get the option to add industrial waste to your folder, as well as hormones, and used animal flour. In the Fast Food section you can hire or fire crew members, monitor your customer traffic, monitor your food supply, and discipline employees.

The most interesting of all sections is the last area, the Headquarters, where you get to run faulty advertising campaigns and be provided with the choice to buy out a politician, climatologist, heath officer and/or a nutritionist.

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