Third World Farmer

Third World Farmer is a sustainable development game featuring farming, environmentalism and geopolitical practices in the developing world.


Play Third World Farmer

Third World Farmer is an exciting, thought-provoking sim game which allows the player to experience the tough decisions and hardships that impact the poor family farmer in the developing Third World. The economic aspects aren’t of a wealthier developed world society, but those of hardship/survival challenges in a developing country. Play the game and experience how: market prices; budgeting; agricultural and infrastructure decisions; the environment and geopolitics, affect the lives of farmers. You will experience the impact of family members developing illnesses and dying. You will be fortunate to make money some years, whereas in others, disasters will kill your crops. This game is very insightful and aims to educate about 3rd World conditions of farmers. You can really get absorbed in this game and find yourself playing it for hours.

You can start off by planting some basic crops such as corn, wheat, cotton, and peanuts. With $50 you will not be able to purchase much more. Once you have made your economic choices for the year, you will hit the play button to see the results. On a good year you will double or triple your money. It’s not unusual to get over $100 after the first year, but soon you will find trouble. A family member might get sick, and after a few rounds of playing, with only a few hundred dollars income: Do you have $600 to support the development of a clinic? What about $450 to help build a school, or $125 for crop insurance? There’s only one way to find out how you would hold up under those basic survival, challenging, and stressful situations. Play the game!

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