Disaster Watch

The calamity game where you have to minimize the impacts of natural disasters in Nicaragua.


Play the calamity game

Disaster Watch is a calamity game that takes place in Nicaragua. In this calamity game, you have to deal with three different types of disasters, food shortages, floods, and earthquakes. With each scenario, there are three separate levels to play.

Level 1: Spot the clues

You have to spot five different clues to figure out what kind of calamity your dealing with. You will earn bonus points for guessing the right calamity.

Level 2: Be prepared

Food Shortage – Build a rock wall around your vegetables to prevent soil erosion from wind. Protect your crops by scarring away rats.

Flood – You will have to move sandbags to the edge of a river to prevent overflowing while scarring off loggers at the same time.

Earthquake – Secure loose objects in a classroom by removing them from the students’ desks and placing them on the shelves.

Level 3: Time for action

Food Shortage – Drive and truck and deliver food supplies to the village efficiently while avoiding obstacles.

Flood – Use your bike to warn people to vacate their homes before the flood arrives.

Earthquake – Guide the nervous children to a safe area in the classroom away from windows and loose objects.

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