AWQA is a water pollution game that involves testing for nitrate, phosphate, iron and sulphate pollution.


Play AWQA Water Pollution Game

Players acquire water pollution testing skills by testing water samples for low, moderate and high levels of contaminates obtained from a picturesque lake setting. You perform water testing for: nitrate, phosphate, iron and sulphate pollution teaching the specific procedures for each of the four contaminates. You obtain readings in milligrams per litre of the substances in the water using a compactor device.

You will learn how lake health is closely related to the concentration of the nutrients phosphorous and nitrogen in the water and the affect of high nutrient concentrations on unhealthy algae growth. Learn about the affects of fertilizer run-off, faulty septic systems, animal faeces droppings, soil erosion from shoreline disturbances and algae decomposition’s consumption of oxygen and ensuing iron and hydrogen sulphide release.

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