Pollution Simulator

Pollution Simulator is a game that lets you control pollution by engaging in anti-smoking campaigns, ISO 14001 standards and recycling, etc.


Play Pollution Simulator

Your goal in Pollution Simulator is to keep the population levels high while bringing in cash, and keeping pollution down. You keep pollution down by doing campaigns such as anti-smoking, ISO 14001 standards, and recycling. In order to win, you have to use the mouse a lot, constantly changing your strategy. The rules are simple: by increasing industry this decreases cash, increases pollution, and increases population. If you increase taxes, you will gain temporary revenue, but the population decreases. When pollution is increased, the population goes down.

In the game you will be making adjustments for taxes, increasing or decreasing the level of industry, and conducting anti-pollution campaigns. You have three options for renewable energy as well. Once you obtain $25,000 you can invest in hydro. When you have $50,000, you can purchase solar, and once you have $100000 you can purchase wind power. Finally, when you have all three you win the game.

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