Smog City 2

Smog City 2 lets you control the city pollution levels by customizing the city environment in a variety of ways.


Play Smog City 2

Smog City is a game where you get to control the pollution levels in a city. Choose from three modes. Smog City Ozone, Smog City, Particle Pollution, and create your own experience. By manipulating 10 different types of controls in three categories, you can either create a very air-friendly city, or a toxic dump. In the weather section you get to control features such as clouds/sky cover, inversion, wind, and temperature. For emissions, you decide the level of energy sources, cars, and trucks, off-road (aircraft), consumer products, and industry. The last section lets you decide how big the population should be.

When you have created your custom city environment, you will be witness to an emissions graph showing VOC (Volatile organic compound), NOx (nitrogen oxide), and SO2 (sulfur dioxide). You will see particulate levels, and ozone levels in a line graph. You will also see the number for AQI (air quality index) and corresponding AQI colour. During different hours of the day certain types of pollution will peak and drop off. Find out how different types of input affects particulates, and ozone. Play the game and have fun.

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