Peter Packet

An environmental challenges and social awareness game teaching about AIDS in Zimbabwe, clean water in Haiti and helping children to attend school in India.


Play Peter Packet

Peter Packet is an environmental and social awareness game challenging Peter, the game’s action-figure, to deliver important life-saving messages using the computer, while navigating computer threats and overcoming obstacles involving: Hackers, Viruses and Route disruptions, while reinforcing Internet skills and computer terminology. Players learn information about social and environmental challenges in 3 countries in the developing world.

The player can choose from 2 levels of difficulty: beginner and advanced, from 3 countries: Haiti, Zimbabwe and India. Peter is challenged to send computer messages about clean water problems in Haiti; help prevent the spread of AIDS and HIV in Zimbabwe, and help children attend school in India.

Players learn that many people have died of AIDS and been exposed to HIV in Zimbabwe. Peter has the mission of helping to spread the word about this disease and get international aid. Players learn about the problems of lack access to clean drinking water in Haiti caused by years of environmental degradation from the harmful practice of intensive clear-cutting of trees, resulting in pollution and saltwater contamination. Peter has the mission of educating about the importance of affordable water filtration systems and children being able to attend schools. Players learn that one girl must forgo school because she has to walk 3 to 4 miles to obtain clean drinking water for her family. Peter has the mission of sending the message of helping children attend school in India. The player learns that 115 million children throughout the world are denied access to schools.

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