Pandemic 2

Pandemic 2 is a global pandemic game where you create a virus, bacteria, or parasite in order to destroy mankind.


Play Pandemic 2

Pandemic 2 is a disease simulation game where you play the role of a virus, bacteria, or parasite: 3 different disease classes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Viruses are fast evolving, intolerant to the environment, and highly infective. Bacteria are normal evolving, moderately effected by the environment, and resistant to drugs. Parasites are slow evolving, least affected by the environment, and carry low visibility. As your disease infects more people, you will collect Evolution Points as you evolve the disease. These points can be used to purchase upgrades to your particular disease.

Your mission, and goal in playing Pandemic 2, is to create a global disease pandemic that infects everyone on Earth, and eventually wipes out mankind. You need to evolve your disease to make it increasingly more and more deadly. To do this, you will have to set up the perfect conditions for your disease to spread around the globe before nations decide to close their borders and quarantine their citizens. Use your Evolution Points in Pandemic 2to purchase various symptoms such as: coughing, vomiting and sneezing. As you earn more points you can unlock three additional tiers, each with a brand new batch of symptoms. In the final tier, you can select life-threatening symptoms such as: liver failure, heart failure, blindness, hypotonic, and encephalitis. Along with new symptoms, you have the option to purchase resistance to cold, heat, moisture and drugs. Upgrade your transmission to allow for the spread of the disease by rodents and insects. Your Pandemic 2 disease may become either airborne or waterborne.

Tutorials guide and educate you. You will learn about symptoms, resistances, transmissions and traits characteristic of the disease. Players are provided with a Mini Map facilitating the viewing any part of the world at any given time. View the progress of your disease on the global scale.Region Windows contain important information about countries, and information about any natural disasters and government activities affecting the region. Region Population Statistics and the status of regional services are included. World Window outlines: global populations; any vaccines in development; regions affected; regions where the entire population has been killed. Although the scientific community may attempt to develop a cure for your disease, success depends on drug resistance, the number of active hospitals in existence and your disease class. It will take time for worldwide deployment, with the possibility that it may not work, or may become immune to the disease. However, if the vaccine is successful, your disease will not be able to affect anyone else.

The governments in Pandemic 2 respond by closing airports, shipyards, hospitals, borders, transit, and schools. They will have the option of handing out water, masks, exterminating rodents, exterminating insects, enforcing curfews, implementing martial law, and burning dead bodiesPandemic 2 is an environmental game because it shows players what could happen if a worldwide pandemic really gets out of hand. Climate change, overcrowding, pour sanitary conditions, pour agricultural practices, weakened environment, and genetic engineering are some of the factors that could trigger the next global pandemic. In Pandemic 2, the evolution of a virus, bacteria, or parasite illustrates some of the worse case scenarios possible in the real world. It is the potential mutation or evolution in a disease that has the potential to turn a mild bug into a global killer.Pandemic 2 allows players to learn about a total of 25 different symptoms and their effects on humans.

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