Karma Tycoon

Run your own non-profit organization (NGO). Run a homeless shelter, animal shelter, performing arts center, and youth center to strengthen your ‘karma’.


Play Karma Tycoon

In this game you get to run your own non-profit organization (NGO). As you increase “the good” you do, you will earn more ‘karma’.  The more ‘karma’ you obtain, the easier it is for you to get grants and earn money. Once you have enough money, you can improve your facility by purchasing items and equipment, and build other facilities as well. The game is relatively difficult, because you start off having to pay $5,500 a month in fees. Of that:  $2,700 is for payroll, $1,400 for rent, $800 for utilities, and $650 for supplies. You will also have to pay an increased monthly rate if you have credit card charges and/or loan payments.

Players start off in beginning mode in Columbus Ohio with $35,000. Your mission is to run a homeless shelter, animal shelter, performing arts center, seniors’ center, or youth center. You will have a variety of items and equipment to purchase, along with a $5000 start-up cost. For the homeless shelter, you will have options for a front desk, area for job training, library, infirmary, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, and beds. You will use the scrollbar to select how much you need of each item or piece of equipment. The more you select. the more you will have to purchase.

In the grants’ section you have numerous grants to choose from. Each will require a certain level of ‘karma’, a specific amount of money, and a minimum amount of facilities. Grants are useful because you don’t have to pay them off unlike credit charges or loans, and they help you with monthly expenses and start-up cost. While playing the game you will receive donations from the community. The higher your ‘karma’ rating, the easier it will be to receive donations and be accepted for grants. You cannot run a deficit for more then a month or you will lose. Give Karma Tycoon a try. Play the game.

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