Darfur is Dying

Play Darfur is Dying to find out what it is like to survive as a child in Darfur. You half to obtain food, build shelters, collect water, and stay healthy.


Play Darfur is Dying

This game lets you experience the harsh reality of what it is like trying to survive day to day in Darfur. In the opening of the game you have to select a character you will use to fetch water for the community. They tell you to select a kid, so that there is less chance they will be shot down by rebels. You start by running through the desert looking for a well, all the time being chased by rebels who will kill you. Once you have the water, you return to the refugee camp where your role is to help as many people as you can survive, including yourself. You have to obtain food, help build shelters, collect water, and stay healthy. Your mission is to try and avoid the Janjaweed, and maintain a functioning camp for 7 days.

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