Democracy 3

Democracy 3 has you take on the challenge of  being the leader of a country while dealing with complex issues, political opponents and global challenges.


Play Democracy 3

Experience the role of President or Prime Minister of a country trying to achieve your vision for your country. You will be dealing with issues such as: unemployment, crime, national debt, terrorism, climate change, health, poverty, and education. You will also be facing the challenges of immigration policies, oil demand, transportation and traffic congestion, internet censorship, unions, bankers’ bonuses and pandemics. You will find that everything is interconnected making your leadership role very complex and challenging. Find out if you are up to the task of being a micro manager national leader with the goal of lasting your term of office and achieving re-election.

Players find themselves changing a country by shaping its path. You have options for countries to lead: United Kingdom; France; Germany; United States; Australia; Canada. Changing a country in a different direction will be a challenge as you deal with political opponents and lobbying groups, the global economy, monitoring by credit rating agencies, debt and interest levels, national and global events that impact your country.

A Quarterly Report will be provided showing you policy issue choices and their outcomes, showing you the outcome impacts of your implemented policy decisions. For example, your trade policy may affect Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which will have a rippling affect, impacting unemployment, poverty and crime, which in turn will impact your country’s tourism and ultimately alter the GDP.

A Focus Group feature will let you look at individual voters to see how they came to a decision to show their support by voting for you, or deciding to reject you by voting against you. Focus Voting Groups are located in the center of the screen, and consist of:

Socialist – Liberal – Retired – Capitalist – Religious – Motorist – Commuter – Environmentalist – Trade Unionist – Self-Employed – Poor – Middle-Income – Wealthy – State Employees – Parents – Farmers – Ethnic/Minorities – Conservatives – Youth – Patriot

A meter is provided for each group indicating how they feel about your policies that affect them.

Everything is connected. For example, the Capitalist voting group is influenced by the Capital Gains Tax, Unemployment Benefits, Private Prisons and Pollution Controls. Concerning the issue of crime as an example, players will find, for example, that education mitigates crime, whereas alcohol abuse contributes to it.

You will be provided with a Detailed Policy Model. Each policy or law in the game has a Slider feature which players manipulate allowing you to fine-tune its intensity to get the balance just right, which allows you to alter policies. You will be given feedback on all your decisions.


A series of Equations imbedded within the game allows the same policy to have different effects on each voter group at various points in the slider.

Game Circle Icons -are shown in 4 colors:


Blue: provides statistics and the impact of various policies from CO2 emissions to transportation

White: manipulates government policy decisions, such as: gun laws, inheritance taxes, food
stamp programs

Red and Green: show ongoing situations, or the effects of your policies. Try to eliminate red
circles and create green ones.


6 Quadrants – transect the circles, representing aspects of government, such as: law and order, social policy and taxes

Graphs: show the causes and effects of policies and issues

The screen alters as you change policies which produces new situations for players to manage.

Experience the challenges facing you as leader of all 6 countries.

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