Play Neocolonialism, the PC game where you can manipulate global finances, enslave humanity, and trash the planet in order to become filthy stinking rich.


Play Neocolonialism

Neocolonialism is a unique multi-player (suggested being played between 3 and 6 players), strategy game where each is trying to out-do the other, whereby you are competing against several of the players with common destructive globalization goals: buying national sovereign bonds, influencing governments, corrupting the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the global financial watchdog institution. Neocolonialism is a game of world domination. Players will attempt to conquer the world by installing “puppet” governments, buying-off countries by paying whatever it takes to lobby for your self-serving interests, buying votes extracting national resource wealth, exploiting the working class and backstabbing whenever you can.

Players will gain insights into how globalization affects economic geography. Your role as a destructive, narcissistic, self-serving, omnipotent-type, socio-economic dominating “control-freak” is: to manipulate the current state of the global economy. You will find yourself pillaging as much money out of the world as you possibly can, all for your own self-serving, personal profit gain. Employing nuclear weapons is fortunately not in the equation; however, you may impose monetary austerity packages which are an all-too familiar reality in today’s global economies. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to play the role of “the bad guy”, then playing Neocolonialism is your opportunity.

Neocolonialism: Ruin Everything has an “upside-down”, topsy-turvy mentality, so it is quite fitting that it is formatted with a misguided view with a world map that has you view countries “upside-down”. It is a very fitting analogy for a counterproductive world-destroying, negative-thinking philosophy which you, as player will be representing when you assume the role task of trying to do as much harm as possible to the world while bearing in mind that your eyes are always on the “bottom-line”: to grow your numbered Swiss bank account while you assume your role of a power-hungry, greedy “control-freak” type of person.

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