Sim Sweatshop

Sim Sweatshop educates you about the conditions of people working in sweatshops in developing countries.


Play Sim Sweatshop

This game gets you hooked from the start even though it is simple and repetitive. If you don’t have time to read a 300 page book on sweatshops, by playing games like these, you learn the knowledge of the conditions people are subjected to working in the sweatshops of developing countries. It teaches you the economic and social aspects of living in a developing nation, trying to make a living working in a shoe factory. You have to slave away doing 12 hour shifts just to put food on the table and support your family.  It is possible to save a bit of money and improve your condition, but in reality you are mostly living day by day.

The standard wage is $6.05 for twelve hours, but you can’t make any mistakes or you will get deductions, or worse. Trying to form a union might have harmful repercussions. Once your energy levels fall below 48%, it is suggested that you should purchase a meal and a drink. A meal will cost you $1.49, and a drink is $0.29. This leaves you with very little money to take home, if anything at all.

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