BioHarmonius has players working to save two interconnected planets, one of which is unsustainable through environmental degradation, loss of species and biodiversity.


Play BioHarmonius

Players experience the importance of environmental balance between the manufactured and natural worlds by discovering how nature can inspire healthy sustainable environments, and how both environments need to be in balance.

Players have the challenge of being responsible for the fate of 2 interconnected planets in the same universe: The Manufactured Planet which is on the verge of collapse because of loss of species and biodiversity and pollution and The Natural Planet which cannot be sustainable without environmental changes from its sister planet. One planet’s poor condition will lead to the demise of the others as well unless it can learn from its sister’s example. Players have the challenge of working to save both planets by trying to restore environmental balance.

Scientists from the Manufactured Planet use the process of Bioharmony to integrate the flora and fauna of the Natural Planet into their manufactured machines in their attempt to improve the environment of the planet.

Players have the mission challenge of travelling between the two planets dragging objects back-and-forth between the two in their goal of improving the conditions of both planets. You only have 6 minutes of playing time before judgement is passed on the planets which is communicated as 8 moon cycles in the planets’ universe.

The game has 7 various endings from “bad” where both planets are destroyed, to “good”, “BioHarmonius”, whereby both planets are saved through the integration of nature and machine. Success from your mission culminates in a celebration with music and fireworks. The Manufactured Planet thrives with the Natural Planet by learning biodiversity from nature.

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