Space Engineers

Space Engineers has players take on the role of space engineer mining asteroids and building space ships and space stations utilizing physics.


Play Space Engineers: Asteroid Mining Simulation Game

Space Engineers has players utilize their imagination and creativity in the role of space engineer while learning about engineering, construction and maintenance of space apparatus in this asteroid mining simulation game. Players take on daring and challenging missions involving building space ships, space stations, both civil and military, pilot ships and perform asteroid mining. You can build space ships to your own configuration and scale. Players also have the option of building war machines and fortifications to protect against space enemies.

Players get to perform many functions, since all objects can be assembled, disassembled, damaged and destroyed. Some objects have storage capacity while others have electricity production or consumption capacities. The asteroid mining simulation game is based on real physics and technology that would be feasible in the near future. Individual models have real volume and storage capacity with perceived NASA-like technology a half century into the future.

Players use the building menu and select blocks to construct small or large space ships and space stations. You use a block as a scaffold for the rest of the structure. Some blocks can be interacted with so that they are able to carry out various functions, such as: mining, refining, communicating and healing. A variety of tools are alongside the blocks. Building is accomplished either on the platform or while floating in space on your jetpack. Objects are volumetric having structures composed from block-like modules which are interlocked in a grid, and behave like real physical objects with mass, inertia and velocity. You will experience gravitational pull on large objects. You will become familiar with cockpits, thrusters, gyroscopes, refinery assemblers, drills, catwalks, small ship missile launchers, reactors, and landing legs.

Space Engineers have to maintain a continuous stream of raw materials to keep the space station operable. Players have control over elements, such as: gravity, electricity and computing power. To operate lights you have to connect to the grid to receive power from a nuclear reactor which requires uranium. You can lose engines and your bridge to asteroids damaging or destroying your space ships. Tutorials guide you as Space Engineer in the asteroid mining simulation game.

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