CEO2 has you make successful decisions as the CEO of chemical, solar, insurance and automotive companies  while reducing CO2 emissions.


Play CEO2

CEO2 is a climate change business management game that lets you take on the role of CEO and see if you can successfully run a company while reducing CO2 emissions.

Your goal is to maximize profit, significantly cut CO2 emissions and develop low carbon products by 2030. You get to experience being the leader of 4 different businesses:

As leader of an automotive business you could develop hybrid, “flex fuel”, all-electric and hydrogen cars and improve efficiency of products.

As the leader of a chemical industry you may choose to lobby against emission caps, engage in an electric battery recycling campaign and a green marketing campaign, use green electricity, develop super-efficient insulation, etc.

As CEO of an insurance company you may lobby for strong climate policy, provide incentives for solar power, etc.

As leader of a utility company, you may want to retrofit existing plants, build wind farms and solar plants, expand electricity storage, begin smart metering, build nuclear power plants, build efficient new coal plants, extend the grid.

CEO2 gives you an opportunity to practice your leadership, decision-making and problem-solving skills from behind your desk in your own office as CEO.

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